February 9, 2021

5 Reasons Affiliate Expertise is a Gamechanger

In the world of digital marketing, the one and only constant is change. Tactics, tools, and strategies that worked last week won’t necessarily work again next month. Technology and algorithm updates happen all the time, too. And don’t forget about competition. The digital marketplace is extremely noisy and to get any sort of traction, you need the right affiliate marketing partners, with the right relationships, to drive the right traffic to the best verticals in a way that results in new customers and actual sales. 

Sounds easy, right? Not exactly. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone–and there’s a handful of reasons why you probably shouldn’t. Reason #1? A huge part of an affiliate marketing agency’s job is to navigate all that change and capitalize on the latest trends and best practices so all you have to do is reap the rewards. 

Read on for five reasons why working with an affiliate marketing agency is a total gamechanger.

1. Time is money

Outsourced marketing agencies handle such a large volume of work that they can’t afford to be anything less than efficient. They’ve nurtured the relationships, perfected the workflows and streamlined the processes needed to roll out quality programs with ease–and in record time. So while your in-house team may be slogging through endless red tape that they aren’t equipped to handle, an agency can complete the same amount of work in far less time. And you know what that means: A much faster return on your investment. 

2. Affiliate marketing is not a part-time job:

It may be tempting to have your in-house marketing team head up your affiliate efforts, but make no mistake: Affiliate marketing is a hungry beast. And it’s one that requires constant attention. Unless managing your affiliate program is the only thing your marketing team has to do (yeah, right) and they have the expertise needed in this industry, you’re better off with a dedicated team who is able to invest all of their time and energy into the success of your campaigns. 

3. The devil is in the details:

As you know, any affiliate campaign has a lot of moving parts. There are terms to negotiate, relationships to secure, regulations to comply with, content to oversee, performance analytics to monitor, invoices to be paid–for every single campaign. It’s easy to see how those responsibilities alone–not to mention, troubleshooting problems and making strategic pivots–can easily overwhelm an in-house team that already has enough on their plate. 

4. It’s all about relationships:

Bottom line, affiliate marketing is a relationships business. Any agency worth its retainer fee will be able to consistently recruit, vet, and manage an ever growing roster of quality publishers that are right for your brand. Not only does that help protect the reputation and integrity of your brand, but those long standing connections will also prove to be invaluable as you grow your business. And, believe it or not, who you know makes a big difference. In affiliate marketing, getting an inside edge on the best contacts through experts who know the industry inside and out is always a smart move.

5. Technology works overtime:

Many in-house teams don’t have access to build–or simply can’t afford–the tools and software they need to properly track and manage their affiliate program.  And really, technology is the key to gaining clarity and control over all of your investments in the affiliate channel, true attribution alignment, and the peace of mind that your brand is protected from ad fraud.

PartnerCentric is the only agency in the industry that combines award-winning account management with our proprietary software tools. We call this our Technology Enabled Account Management (TEAM), and results speak for themselves. For every dollar our clients spend, they see a sevenfold return on ad spend. We can do the same for you.

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