Kris Storck, Sales Operations Manager
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Kris Storck

Sales Operations Manager

Previously an asset manager for one of the biggest production companies in the world, Kris drives adoption of new technology and workflows, focusing on reducing friction in getting the right solution to the client. She is brand new to the world of affiliate marketing and is excited to learn everything about the industry. As a Sales Operations Manager, she brings years of collaborative, creative problem solving and technical troubleshooting to the team.

Kris considers herself just as much of a hippy as a tech nerd. She’s vegan, rock climbs, builds mechanical keyboards, tends to a garden and a home server, and is just as likely to be hiking as she is learning a new web framework. She shares her life with her husband, Matt, and cat, Jujubee, in Baltimore, Maryland – and before you ask, yes, the Old Bay goes on everything!