June 27, 2017

Vi Joins the PartnerCentric Family

Dana Miller

We are so pleased to welcome Vi to the PartnerCentric Family! Vi is the world’s first AI personal trainer who coaches and motivates through biosensing earphones, engineered for beautiful sound by Harman Kardon. The most successful campaign for a wearable ever conducted on Kickstarter with $1.7 million raised, Vi is the ultimate fitness companion, helping users reach their fitness and weight goals through using their individual unique biometric data to provide personalized motivation and professional fitness training advice. She uses real time voice and sound commands to connect with everyone, ultimately helping them reach their maximum fitness potential.

Program Details:

  • Default Term $50 per sale
  • Cookie: 30 Days
  • Managed by PartnerCentric

The Vi Affiliate Program is being professionally managed by Angie Stockman.