October 13, 2017

ThriveHive Chooses PartnerCentric to Manage its Affiliate Program

Dana Miller

PartnerCentric welcomes ThriveHive to the family! ThriveHive is a Guided Marketing Platform designed specifically for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. The combination of software tools and expert guidance takes the guesswork out of marketing, making small business marketing easy and effective.

Lead Fee: $2.50

The ThriveHive Guided Marketing Platform is an integrated solution to seamlessly learn and perform daily marketing activities. Everything needed to market a business can be done in the ThriveHive Guided Marketing Platform.

Gone are the days of using multiple tools and websites—ThriveHive gives business owners the power to do it all in one place. The Guided Marketing Platform includes a customized step-by-step marketing plan, expert coaching, a search-optimized website, and a marketing software platform. Execute the marketing plan, track leads, organize contacts, update your website, send emails, and post to social media—all in the platform.

Not only can business owners perform all their marketing activities in ThriveHive, they can see the results too. The ThriveHive Guided Marketing Platform tracks website and telephone leads and analyzes each marketing activity. Business owners easily see the best new leads and the most effective marketing activities for their business. Transparent data and reports make it easy to understand the return on investment and adaptive marketing recommendations drive profitable growth and customer engagement.

ThriveHive makes marketing simple so business owners can get back to what’s really important—running their business.

Program Details: 

  • Earn $2.50 per lead
  • ShareASale exclusive merchant
  • 45 day cookie
  • Professionally managed by PartnerCentric

The ThriveHive Affiliate Program is being professionally managed by Lisa Hein and Evan Williams.