May 30, 2018

Tespo Joins the PartnerCentric Family

Dana Miller

Tespo is a complete vitamin solution that is pill-free and all liquid. All liquid means better absorption, no unnecessary ingredients, and best of all, no more choking down massive pills. Drop the Tespo vitamin pod into the Tespo dispenser, press the button, and watch as water mixes with powder to create a delicious shot of vitamin goodness. Their vitamin pods contain a month’s worth of vitamins. Only the premium, active ingredients your body needs. The secret? They individually seal each serving so there’s no need for the preservatives or chemicals used by everyone else. The future of vitamins is here, and it’s pill free. Join the Tespo Nation today!

Program Details:
  • $25 per dispenser sale (new customers only)
  • 10% of sale revenue on a one-time vitamin purchase (new customers only)
  • 20% of sale revenue on a monthly subscription (new customers only)
  • Referral period: 30 days
  • Regularly updated data feed is available
  • No TM bidding is allowed
  • Managed by PartnerCentric

The Tespo Affiliate Program is professionally managed by Julie Stepkowski,  Jacque Wakim, and Samantha Arias.