Noelle Spagna

Noelle Spagna joined the PartnerCentric team in 2017 and is now a Senior Affiliate Program Manager. Prior to moving over to the agency side of the affiliate business, Noelle worked on the network side at Pepperjam where she managed a vast portfolio of full-service accounts for over four years.

After graduating from the University of Scranton, Noelle held positions in both online and offline marketing. Her previous experience includes non-profit, traditional retail marketing, ecommerce, as well as freelance journalism.

Noelle is excited to be a part of the affiliate marketing industry because it’s all about relationship building. She loves working closely with affiliate partners and has strong relationships spanning several years with top publishers.

Additionally, she is a member of the Finance Subject Matter Expert Team and has managed programs for finance and insurance clients including Petal, The Motley Fool, Gerber Life Insurance and PetPlan Insurance. 

Noelle and her husband Jeff in Pennsylvania with their cats Jax and Dean, and their German Shepherd, Samantha.

Senior Affiliate Program Manager



• Radius Partner Management

• Stepping Up to Leadership

• CJ Ambassador

• Organizational Leadership

• Social Media for Financial Services

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