Katherine Gunderson

Katherine Gunderson started at PartnerCentric in 2019 and has recently transitioned into a Sr. Affiliate Program Manager role. Her favorite part of the affiliate marketing industry is that it is constantly evolving. She is most excited to learn & understand more about retail partners in her current role.

Katherine has been in the affiliate marketing space since 2008; her experience including advertiser, publisher and network aspects of the business. Her experience in the affiliate program sector includes the finance vertical, with a heavy focus on sub-prime and, most recently, home service type offers. Prior to affiliate marketing, she spent a number of years in call a center managing volumes/traffic, operations and customer service.

Katherine grew up in Minnesota and moved to Texas with her husband while he was in the Army before putting down roots in South Dakota to be closer to family. She and her husband have 4 sons and are recent empty-nesters and first-time grandparents. They love to travel, go on morning runs and hikes, work in their garden and on home projects together, "pin" on Pinterest and spend time with family, including their 3 dogs.

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Sr. Affiliate Program Manager