Karima Hassa

Karima Hassa is Moroccan. She was born and raised in Fes; the oldest city in Morocco and moved to France when she was only sixteen years old, where she studied economics and marketing at the University of Montpellier. Karima has worked for PartnerCentric since 2010 as an International Manager. Karima enjoys working with business partners from many different countries and jumps at the opportunity to develop strong relationships. She is fascinated by the way this industry constantly allows her to meet new people from all over the world; she considers each day a new challenge and the opportunity of something exciting to learn.

In 2011 she moved again – this time to Rome, where she started and continues to learn Italian, her fourth language after Arabic, French and English. In her spare time, Karima enjoys pursuing outdoor adventures and visiting places of Art in Rome. Karima believes in the power of positive thinking and the great achievements that it can allow.

International Affiliate Program Manager