John Bleecker

John Bleecker joined PartnerCentric as a Compliance and Internal Support Manager in May of 2015. He works to monitor affiliate activity by identifying and interdicting bad partners to ensure maximum returns for clients.

John’s experiences are widely varied prior to his arrival at PartnerCentric. He was formerly an editorial and fashion photographer in New York City and his photographs have appeared in newspapers and magazines, on playbills, as well as several clothing company catalogues. He was also in charge of a frontline intelligence section with a Marine infantry unit during the battle of Marjah, Afghanistan, for which he received a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medal.

John Bleecker was born in a city and state he never lived in, and has been moving ever since. Nevertheless, he calls Grapevine, TX home. He has travelled extensively across the U.S., visiting every state except Alaska. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with his wife and kiddos, and reading history, philosophy, and classical literature.

Compliance and Internal Support Manager