Geoff Molt

Geoff Molt

Geoff’s experience in affiliate marketing began on the publishing side almost 20 years ago when he developed a network of competitive online console video gaming websites.

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in glassblowing, he began his career as a web designer and eventually as a digital media art director for an international medical publisher.

Continuing with the success of the video gaming sites, he began his entrepreneurial path and established a full service digital design and development studio. That path eventually led him to the west coast to create a social media network for a YouTube MCN.

After falling in love with the L.A. food truck scene, he returned to the east coast and opened a restaurant before finding his way back to the digital media space and eventually to PartnerCentric.

Geoff has many hobbies, including building and flying FPV drones, drawing, painting, and playing the guitar, sax or EWI. He currently lives in Dresher, PA with his wife, two kids, dog and gecko.

Associate Account Manager