Chase Mahony

Chase Mahony

Chase Mahony is an avid tech-head with interests in many different stacks, disciplines, and fields. Chase has been programming for about 14 years, taking his first Visual Basic class in 9th grade.

He went on to college, where he would learn software, website, and server development based in Java and C#.
Afterward, he would launch a career in SQL server databases and data sciences but would later pivot back to software development once he admittedly got bored. Chase spend the next period of his career as a programming mercenary of sorts, gaining experience with many technologies and eventually became a research engineer for a commercial mortgage company called Berkadia. He created POC's there until Covid caused layoffs in the company.

This brings us to 2021.

Aside from his professional expertise and interest, Chase loves the outdoors, he's a Dad, and he likes all things technology. In his spare time, Chase can be spotted playing video games, producing and performing electronic music and conducting live streams, or planning activities with his family and pets.

Chase is a pretty laid-back guy that likes to do cool stuff!