Brandon Zeek

Brandon Zeek

Brandon Zeek comes to PartnerCentric with a passion for innovation and technology. Having started programming as a hobby at age 15, he's been hooked on the power of computers ever since. He's solved problems and brought solutions across Startups and Enterprises throughout his career for over a decade, and he's excited to apply his skills and knowledge in his role as Developer at PartnerCentric.

In a past role as Software Developer at GoMedigap, he worked on a startup-sized team to build a technology platform that would lead to GoMedigap being acquired by the Insurance giant, eHealth.

After seeing the success of that project, he spent some time as Lead Developer at HMG Creative, where he continued to write code within a variety of domains. There he led a team of developers and set up industry standard best-practices in order to help formalize the development team's processes.

Brandon has a passion for writing clean and elegant code that solve real challenges within the advertising and marketing domains. He's excited about bringing his expertise within Software Development to PartnerCentric, to provide innovative solutions that he hopes will help shape the future of the industry.

He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, child, and two cats. He loves to spend time exercising, reading, and learning new technologies. On the weekends, you can find Brandon tinkering in his garage or going for a run around the nearby lake. "I'm really excited about the future, I think all of these converging technologies are going to finally deliver some of the good things we've only seen in Science Fiction so far; which can help improve the lives of all people. My passion in life is to help build that future."