Alexis Simek

Alexis Simek came to PartnerCentric in August 2014. She joined the team as a Marketing Analyst, but now works as our Project Manager of Technology. In this role she performs important tasks such as heading new client integrations, data-feed uploads and testing, and coordinating technical issues with clients and vendors. What excites her about the industry? “I love that it never gets old. Technology and systems are constantly evolving and changing so there are always ways to learn and grow. On the technology team we have endless opportunities to improve upon the work our team does for our clients through systems and added efficiencies, which is an awesome contribution to make to be able to make to our company.”

Alexis lives outside of Austin, with her husband Peter, her son Lukas and her two dogs, Hamilton & Henrietta. In her free time she enjoys soaking up the Texas weather and scenery, volunteering at her church, knitting and trying new recipes.

Project Manager, Technology



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