October 26, 2016

Strideline Chooses PartnerCentric to Manage its Affiliate Program!

Dana Miller


Founded 2009 in Seattle, Strideline was started by two high school seniors with a passion for providing athletes and polished individuals with distinctly colored, performance oriented crew socks that inspire a feeling of confidence and swagger unparalleled by any other sock company in the world. The idea was to meet the demand in Seattle for colored crew socks that were not simply an afterthought - but a distinctive part of an outfit. To fund their first order, they pooled together $700 of graduation money and sent it to a manufacturer for their first 1,000 pairs featuring the Seattle city skyline. With the support from loyal customers, they were sold out in just three weeks!

Now available in retail stores throughout the country, Strideline's selection has expanded and its success in Seattle has propelled them into new markets! What better time to get in on its affiliate program?!

Program Benefits:

  • Cross Device Tracking Enabled 
  • Commission: 10%
  • Action: Customer must complete an online purchase within our shopping cart
  • Lead: $0 payout
  • Action: Customer submits info for Get Free Design here: http://wwww.strideline.com/customsocks/b
  • Cookie/ Referral Period: 90 Days

The Strideline Affiliate Program is being professionally managed by Megan Sabo and Saralyn Holloway.