REACH is PartnerCentric's influencer-focused service offering.

We act as an extension of our client's team, identifying and partnering with the best influencers for their brand. Our years of experience and knowledge of the industry have helped us to establish strong relationships with many influencers.

How does REACH work?

REACH consists of securing content and social placements on influencer/blog sites and social channels that target a client’s ideal audience. Placements often consist of blog posts, product reviews, social media posts, giveaway/contest execution, and other content-oriented and buzz-generating collaborations. By using REACH, our clients have greater control over what gets promoted than with affiliate relationships, and there is a comprehensive service package. REACH includes influencer outreach and list curation, IOs, secure placements, payout and reporting. Reporting is conducted based on identified KPIs and campaign objectives.

Am I a good candidate for REACH?

An ideal REACH client understands the value an influencer brings in writing original content about their brand, and who recognizes the long-term brand affinity and loyalty that it builds. REACH clients can either have an existing affiliate program or utilize the service separately.