Full service

Rapid ROI and precise implementation

Our award-winning, full-service offering is spearheaded by a seasoned account manager dedicated to your program and supported by an experienced marketing analyst and an entire team of experts (on average, there will be 6-8 people working on your account at any time). They’ll provide weekly reports and status updates to fill you in on the constant progress. And they’ll perform the deep work of measured, strategic planning—from recruitment and optimization of new and existing partnerships, to strategizing pathways for future growth. Full-service program management includes full program strategy services, technical services, recruitment services, relationship building services, compliance services, operational services, and program marketing services.

Advertisers engage us for full-service support when their current program is underperforming and too expensive, or they lack the resources and expertise in-house to launch and fully manage a comprehensive and optimized affiliate program.

Simply put, there is no “set it and forget it” solution to truly effective program management. We take a team-based, customized approach to account management, dedicating resources across multiple departments for your program.

Custom technology solutions

Informed by an audit of your program and your goals and objectives, we can employ innovative solutions that are custom-built for your needs. Custom solutions might include:

  • Dynamic commissioning
  • Custom data flows for internal analytics
  • Custom attribution solutions
  • Custom automated reporting
  • Feed monitoring