Program maintenance solution

coreOPM is our foundational performance marketing service offering. It provides advertisers with a cost-effective affiliate program management solution. coreOPM is an ideal solution for advertisers who need a basic and effective affiliate management program.


Ideal coreOPM clients

Retail merchants interested in low-cost, high-value foundational affiliate program management

Merchants who want to launch or grow an affiliate program on a modest budget

Merchants interested in a proactively-run affiliate program, without fraud or compliance concerns

coreOPM benefits

Recruiting affiliates into your program can be a time-consuming process. Most small- to medium-sized businesses don’t have the internal resources available to reach out to affiliates. coreOPM provides focused recruiting of top affiliates within your vertical. The service also monitors your program to detect potential fraudulent activity from publishers. We help increase revenue by creating a compelling offer and competitive payout structure that ensures success. We’ll regularly provide automated reports on publisher and offer performance to keep you informed about how your program is doing.

CoreOPM cost

Pricing for coreOPM services starts at $2,000 per month.