Smart Ass and Sass Program

If you love to laugh, have a sarcastic sense of humor, and have the mouth of a sailor, you’re in a safe space. Welcome to the brand that says EXACTLY what you're thinking (so your mouth won't have to).  We're all about three main things:

  • Shopping Small: We focus on championing awesome products made by artists & small businesses and paying fair prices for items. We also design a few of our own snarky goods in-house.
  • Snark, Sass, & Sarcasm: Our subscribers (and the S&S team) love sassy products! We vibe on all types of sarcasm, and our favorite words definitely have four letters (i.e. we cuss a lot).
  • A Variety of Products: We have everything from sweary stickies to mouthy mugs, and we regularly survey subscribers to see what goods they're wanting.

Looking for a regular shipment of sarcasm? We offer 3 subscription options starting at $15.95 + shipping per month. Get a sassy soft-blend shirt, 5-7 hilarious items, or all of the above. Sign up for our subscription and treat yourself to a monthly surprise of sass that fits your personality.

Not ready for a monthly commitment? We also have an online shop with 150+ items crafted and curated for sassholes. You deserve to laugh your a** off. Subscribe or shop at smartassandsass.com

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