Petal Affiliate Program

The Petal credit card is a high limit, low interest, no-fee card, designed to help you start building credit, not debt. Instead of just looking at your credit score, Petal looks at the money you make and the bills you pay to help you qualify. This means you can be approved, even if you've never had a credit score. This cash-flow underwriting technology not only helps more people be approved as Petal cardholders, but also provides them with customized limits tailored to their exact needs. Plus, the Petal mobile app makes it effortless to track your spending and manage your money better. Its dashboard shows you all your accounts in one place, so you always know what you owe before its due. Petal cut through all the fine print, ditched the fees and created a credit card that makes your life a little easier.

Program Details:

  • $15 default commission with potential to earn more
  • 30-day referral period

The Petal Affiliate Program is being professionally managed by PartnerCentric.

Join the Petal affiliate program here.