CurrentBody Affiliate Program

CurrentBody is the first company to recognize one of the fastest-growing trends in the world of beauty. With modern innovation allowing manufacturers to create devices that mimic the on-site devices used by professionals in salons, spas, and clinics, CurrentBody has brought together a complete selection available for home use technology.

Program Details

  • 6% CPA on new customers
    4% CPA on existing customers, Monthly promotions/offers on top-selling products
    2% CPA on coupon/offer purchases
    4% CPA on products CurrentBody, JOVS, SmoothSkin, Clarisonic
  • 30-day referral period
  • Publishers have access to a variety of text links targeting some of our top-selling collections and products. A product data feed is also available for deep linking to specific products. TM+ bidding/branded keyword usage is not authorized but publishers may use related keywords for search.
  • Professionally managed by PartnerCentric.

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