June 20, 2022

Leading Maternity Wear Brand Sees an 87% Decrease in Trademark Violations With PartnerCentric’s Trademark Monitoring Tool


Trade market Violations case study infographic
Trade market Violations case study infographic

Case Overview

A leading maternity wear client had an existing affiliate program when they signed on with PartnerCentric. Our goal (and theirs) was to ensure the program terms and conditions were outlined correctly and to eliminate violations that were resulting in additional publisher commissions.

  • With our Trademark Monitoring tool, we identified that the program’s network Terms and Conditions were inadequate for the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) policy.
    • Based on our compliance recommendation, the Terms and Conditions were updated accordingly and we sent out a program wide notice of PPC policy to discourage additional violations
    • We also expanded the keywords used in the TM policy for additional coverage
  • Four publishers were expired from the program for repeat URL-hijacking violations
  • We continually monitor the program and remove advertisements that are in violation to PPC policy


As a result of the PC Trademark Monitoring Program:

  • Trademark Violations decreased 87% from December to April! (259 Violations in December to only 33 total February through April)
  • Commissions decreased by 71% for publishers who were previously repeat TM violators
  • After PC TM+ Monitoring cleaned up the program a large TM publisher who had previously refused to work with the Client agreed to a partnership
  • The Client also saw an additional cost savings in their internal PPC campaigns as the cost per click also decreased with the TM violators being removed.

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