September 18, 2023

PartnerCentric Predicts 28% YoY Growth Across Clients in Q4 of 2023



PartnerCentric Predicts 28% YoY Growth Across Clients in Q4 of 2023
We analyzed our historical and current client and publisher trends to determine what verticals we should anticipate growing in Q4 this year

PartnerCentric clients saw an increase of 22% YoY growth in performance in 2022's 4th quarter.

Based on our current client performance trends, we are predicting
2023 to exceed 28% Growth YoY

In 2022's 4th quarter, many verticals saw a significant increase in performance YoY. The highest vertical growth was with our Travel and Financial clients.

Every quarter in the year has its own unique opportunities and challenges. Our account management teams approach each quarter with a proactive and strategic plan in place to negotiate placements and optimize publishers to their full potential.

Based on current trends we anticipate to see even more growth in 2023's 4th quarter with our Travel and Subscription clients as well as the average historical growth of 75% with our retail clients in Clothing & Apparel and Home & Garden

Clients that allocated media budget and booked placements in Q4 saw 3x higher ROI than clients who did not

Along with our historical 4th quarter performance we also analyzed how our publishers are performing YTD in 2023.

Although we have seen growth across the board with multiple publisher types and recent stand out this last year are our BuyNowPayLater publishers with 95% YoY Growth.

Loyalty/Cashback publishers have genenerated the most revenue YTD but are down -9% YoY. The main contributors to the decrease are Honey ( -20% YoY) and Rakuten ( -14% YoY). Other Loyalty partners such as Bing Rebates and Cartera are up YoY by 87% Based on historical Q4 data loyalty/cashback partners are customarily a large revenue driver and increase YoY in Q4, we still foresee them to be a main revenue driver this coming Q4 2023

The Buy Now Pay Later short term finance option which allows consumers to make purchases and pay for them at a future date continues to grow in popularity post- pandemic. According to Investopedia, The Buy Now Pay Later market could surge to nearly $3.7 trillion by 2023 as more consumers take advantage of the alternative finance option. We see this upward industry trend in the affiliate marketing channel as well.

Our BuyNowPayLater publishers are currently performing the highest with our Clothing & Apparel clients at 65% of the overall revenue.

Home & Garden are seeing consistent growth as well. They are currently hold 18% of the revenue generated from BuyNowPayLater partners. We anticipate this to increase and exceed 28% by year end.

The Buy Now Pay Later publisher group also has the hightest Incrementality Score on PartnerCentric's Incrementality Index. Check out the power rankings report here.

PartnerCentric’s Incrementality Index utilizes a company’s marketing data, like Google Analytics, to generate session-level purchase path information and to attribute each session to a specific publisher and category.

By pairing with PartnerCentric’s FUSE technology, the Incrementality Index delivers enhanced visibility into publisher-level performance while automating commission payments based on partners’ influence in the customer journey

At PartnerCentric our account management teams are hitting the ground running to prepare for Q4 2023. Along with securing the best placements for well known cyber days, we are creating custom strategies to ensure our clients have every advantage and find the highest success this Q4 2023.

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