February 15, 2019

Case Study: How PartnerCentric Helped Make Up 17% of Sales in Less than a Month for this Reputable Kitchen Appliance Brand



We began managing a small kitchen appliance brand's program. Being new to the affiliate channel, the brand needed the expertise of an agency to expand its overall reach and drive incremental sales by utilizing non-traditional affiliate partners.


Unable to compete with discounts within the retail space due to the challenges of MAP pricing, the brand was looking for unique partners who could reach an audience less concerned with costs and drive traffic directly to their site. In addition, the brand was seeking ways to utilize the affiliate channel to support other marketing channels' efforts as well as form a bridge between driving digital traffic to their big-box retail partners.

Understanding these concerns and seeing the holes in the brand's current marketing efforts, we teamed up with a variety of non-traditional partners best suited to reach the client's goals.

We onboarded several top search partners to fill in the areas where the brand's search channel lacked and gained additional exposure via a variety of placements. Through these efforts, we were able to drive more traffic to the brand's site and generate incremental revenue.

The ParnterCentric team also identified a content site that typically focuses on fashion that reached the brand's ideal target audience. Through a giveaway campaign, we were able to acquire over 5,000 qualified new-to-file email addresses, which the brand can now utilize in their email marketing efforts.

To further expand the brand's reach and gain insights into shoppers' thoughts on a new product, we teamed up with a non-traditional app publisher. This publisher utilizes surveys to create experiences for their members via brands. Through this brand's experience, we were able to (1) introduce their latest small kitchen appliance to potential shoppers, (2) gain learning/feedback on this item, and (3) drive incremental sales. The brand reached over 10K potential shoppers and is now able to run a second, more targeted campaign utilizing the learnings from the first experience. In addition, future campaigns will allow the brand to encourage traffic to their big-box retailer locations.


In the span of three weeks since PartnerCentric launched the program, the client saw 17.8% of overall sales derive from the affiliate channel due to the non-traditional relationships formed at the onset of the program. In addition, over 5,000 new-to-file email addresses were added to the client's email marketing list. The brand was able to also share their new product and gain learnings received from over 10K potential shoppers. Pleased with these overall results and the current standing, the client is looking to add a second brand to the affiliate channel to further increase their reach.