June 29, 2016

Successful Publisher Segmentation Strategy



Effective publisher segmentation is a critical component of many profitable affiliate programs. By forcing on this strategy, the PartnerCentric team helped elevate the success of a reputable water filtration company in only two months while increasing ROAS.


After a year of successful affiliate program management by PartnerCentric, it was clear that a commission segmentation strategy utilizing publisher categories would yield significant cost savings. The previous payout structure was a flat 12% payout for all affiliates, which didn't allow for any incentive increases for top publishers or seasonal campaigns. After reviewing strategies, the client and their PartnerCentric affiliate manager ultimately decided to decrease the payout percentage and segment publishers into discount, loyalty and all other publishers (though there was additional segmentation and payout increase based on performance).


After only two months, $5000 was saved due to the commission segmentation strategy. Additionally, monthly average revenue increased by 0.9%, and monthly average order size increased by 9.9%. Finally, monthly publisher commission payouts decreased by 22%, and ROAS increased by $2.04.

For more information on publisher segmentation strategy or to work with PartnerCentric to grow your program, contact sales@partnercentric.com.