April 3, 2019

Case Study: 85% of Sales from Meaningful Content Placements Within First Three Months of Program Launch for a Leading Men's Wellness Brand



This leading tele-medicine company in the men's health and wellness vertical launched an affiliate program under PartnerCentric's Enhanced Service offering, which provides premium support to effectively cultivate and manage influencers and content via affiliate. The service is a great way to introduce and recruit new content partners into the affiliate program and provides ongoing content support with no minimum number of placements and no minimum placement budget needed. The client's team made it clear that they were not interested in working with coupon and discount partners, so a comprehensive strategy utilizing content partners was needed. HIPPA compliance was also a hurdle to working with loyalty partners, since they collect customer data. Therefore, relevant content partners were a much more strategic fit for the brand.


The PartnerCentric team compiled a comprehensive initial recruitment list based on the client's wishlist and levered PartnerCentric's vast database of productive content partners. The team then identified the best niches, verticals, and audience demographics to pursue which included health/wellness, sexual health, hair loss, grooming, lifestyle, dating and content publishers with a majority male audience. A dedicated internal resource proactively identified and vetted content partners for consideration and introduced new opportunities weekly to the client. Additionally, the team negotiated a hybrid payout whenever possible, with a lower flat fee plus commission on sales. PartnerCentric always ensures that proper creative assets and copy are provided to the publisher to protect brand integrity, and with correct tracking in place, the placements go live. Content placements secured for this client included newsletters/emails, site articles, and social posts, and our team provided weekly updates on placement performance so we could re-book with productive content partners to secure placement packages at a reduced rate and identify similar profile partners to test with.


Within the first three months of the program's launch, 85% of sales were from content partners. These placements contributed greatly to overall program growth by driving spikes in engagement, clicks, and sales. 66% of these sales were from partners that picked up tracking links through the client's chosen affiliate network. These were several target partners not in the affiliate network we felt could further boost sales and wanted to launch quickly, so as a clever workaround, we secured placements with them via monetization tool platforms like Skimlinks and Viglinks, accounting for another 19% of sales! As the program continued to grow through on-barding and activating a more diversified publisher base, by the end of the fiscal year, 49% of sales were from content partners.

To learn more about PartnerCentric's Enhanced Service Offering and how to grow your program through strategic content placements, reach to kristine.kirschke@partnercentric.com.