February 4, 2019

Case Study: Long Term PartnerCentric Client Sees Extensive Program Growth at Lower Costs



A very prominent, long-term retail client was looking to increase incremental growth without increasing their overall Cost Per Sale (CPS). Before partnering with our team, the client had not received quarterly strategies to help achieve this goal, so the PartnerCentric team worked tirelessly to find new ways to optimize their existing program. Over the past two years, these strategies helped the client surpass their goals, while increasing the number of productive partners in the program.


While this brand was doing well throughout the years as a client, our team identified room for significant growth by identifying ways to break through the borders that were constraining them. A three-pronged approach was developed to strategically grow the program, while reducing costs.

First, the team identified opportunities to expand upon publisher verticals. We reached out to trusted partners in those verticals and developed relevant partnerships that are persisting in strength to this day. These new partnerships have resulted in nearly seven figures (and counting) of new revenue for our client. Additionally, our team leveraged the PartnerCentric Business Intelligence team to develop analyses that identified a group of ten publishers within the program that were underperforming. Our team worked to optimize this group of publishers, in addition to new recruits throughout the year, which resulted in over 400% YoY growth for the group as a whole.

The second piece of the strategy was focused on building a program friendlier to the Nexus law constraints. Our team worked diligently both with the client and publishers in concerned states to develop initiatives and work around that allowed many Nexus law constrained publishers back into the program. This initiative allowed the team to add many new partners, resulting in a further increase of incremental revenue for the client.

The final piece of the strategy in driving significant incremental revenue growth while reducing costs had to do with the program's commission structure. Our recommendations and our ability to execute on those recommendations were pivotal to the growth and expansion of the program in the past year. In early 2018, our team removed a complex commission system that left publishers very hesitant to promote our client due to having no control over how commissions were applied. Instead, we instituted a very clear and well-defined commission policy that made it much easier for publishers to plan out their strategies and placements in future months, all while reducing overall costs.


Over the past two years, our client has realized significant growth while reducing the overall CPS. Revenue almost doubled every year while the CPS was lowered by over $3.
These results are due to the strategies and hard work of the ParnterCenteric team executing on them. This client has now engaged with a new group of publishers, enacted a commission structure that is more beneficial to them and their partners, and optimize through paid placements and other content strategies, all of which come together to help the continued growth of the program in 2019.

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