March 31, 2017

Case Study: Increasing Sales & Revenue Through Site-to-Store Campaigns



The client, a prominent chain of specialty and import goods with over 270 stores across the US, wanted to drive incremental in-store sales and acquired new customers. With a large online presence, notable brand awareness, and a unique product mix that consumers want to touch and see before they buy, there was a favorable market for a site-to-store campaign. Through partnership with prominent affiliates, the client gained a significant uptick in site-to-store purchases and increased their sales numbers drastically.

"By having a close relationship with the client and understanding their goals, in addition to relying on our strong affiliate relationships, PartnerCentric was able to launch a successful site-to-store program."
Julie Stepkowski, Associate Director, Client Sucess - Retail


By working closely with their team for many years, we already knew that the client had a distinguished brand and reputation to build upon. Because of its strong standing, there were a lot of promotions to feature. Additionally, they had the internal capabilities to support the distribution of an online to in-store coupon and a management team that was always looking to stay ahead of the competition. We had also received many requests from affiliates for in-store offers, so we knew there were significant opportunities for this type of campaign. The top-performing offers were evergreen coupons that could be used both online and in-store. 10% off sitewide performed best, as well as 15% off without an email signup component.


The client generated a 40% YoY increase in sales due to the site-to-store campaign. Over $42M was generated in the fiscal year from online affiliate stores and in-store sales driven by affiliate. To compare, $9.5M was generated in the previous year. Fifty different publishers were used to drive site-to-store sales. Of those, RetailMeNot, Offcers.com, and Kinoli, Inc. were most successful. Other notable publishers were Ebates.com and Ibotta.com. The latter generated $586K in in-store sales during one month in Q4, with 51% of sales coming from new customers, and the former generated and an average of $50K per month of in-store sales with a conversion rate of 8.21%.

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