October 10, 2016

PartnerCentric Offers Q4 Promotion You Won't Be Able to Refuse!


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Extra! Extra! Attention, Business Owners! PartnerCentric is offering you the deal of the quarter and, trust me, you’ll want to take advantage of it! For a flat fee of $750, PC will share with you a list of the best of the best Q4 placements based on your vertical, culled from all the Q4 opportunities we possess!  This list will not only give you knowledge the competition lacks, but will also include contact information and rank (based on best tracked performance for their vertical) so you may reach the BEST prospects BEFORE your competitors. You will have complete reign over contact and negotiations. However, for an additional fee, we will tackle communication and negotiations on your behalf and guarantee 20% - 40% savings on the rack rate. Additionally, we can offer you prime exposure and last minute inclusion on the top and niche affiliate partner sites during Q4!

Q4 Promo FAQ

Q: How many opportunities (different companies) are there?

A: The delivered list includes a ranking of the top 25 proven and select unique companies in a specific vertical, based on our team's vast experience managing over $1M in placement budget.  Each company has multiple opportunities to choose from.

Q: What verticals are included?

A: The primary strength of this list is within the traditional retail space and the most popular verticals within.  If you are unsure if your vertical would be a fit for these lists, please inquire.  We are also happy to work on a customized basis for specific verticals if we feel there is a fit with the opportunities database.

Q: What fields are included in the list?

A: Publisher name, Publisher IDs, Best Contact Name and Email, URL, Recommended Placements, Average Cost Details, Alexa Rankings, Social Metrics, and Link To View The Most Up-To-Date Media Package

Q: Are these opportunities all affiliate-based?

A: Yes these will all be partners who participate in performance-based platforms who may offer either a rev share or a paid placement opportunity for Q4 (which will always be indicated in our lists).  We can work on a customized basis on opportunities outside of the affiliate space - if this is of interest, please inquire.  A sampling of these top influencer opportunities will be included in each list as a bonus feature to make use of outside of the affiliate space.

Q: If I want to work with you to do more of the heavy lifting and actual contacting, negotiating, etc how does that work?

A: We will work with you on the commissions and budget, and act on your behalf to secure the top placements at the best possible cost, while you are responsible for the IO and fees.  Because of the additional work involved in this type of arrangement, the fee will be higher than $750 but please inquire for customized pricing for Q4.

We are so looking forward to working with you!

To take advantage of this offer and for more information, get in touch.