July 19, 2017

PartnerCentric: Your EU and North American Agency Partner

Alisa Crowley

I recently attended Affiliate Huddle in London and had the opportunity to meet with EU brands and networks. International growth and affiliate industry automation stood out as hot topics.

Successfully Navigating Expansion

During a panel on International Affiliates, Ben Cole from Scale Digital, Zane McIntyre from Commission Factory, Adlan Belhadj from Savoo, James Stavrou from Hotels Combined and Jelle Oskam from Nubis discussed the huge opportunities available for brands to open up to international trade.

One interesting point mentioned was that in the EU, program managers may not be aware of how much of their program revenue is coming from other countries. It’s important for them to analyze the numbers and then tailor their strategy accordingly to the regions they are already organically serving. Expand there first and leverage good tracking solutions that provide geo reporting, time zone reporting, payouts in different currencies and UI’s in different languages for their international affiliates. Additionally, it’s crucial to prepare for currency fluctuations and how that might affect margin. Brands should partner with expert agencies in the regions they want to expand to.

Automation in the Affiliate Industry 

Ant Clements from Button gave a thought-provoking presentation about automation in the affiliate industry. He believes that affiliate, as it stands currently, is stuck in the stone age and the buying process still mostly happens via one-on-one communication (calls, emails, back and forth negotiations). To him, this is grossly inefficient and wastes both time and money. To remedy this, he believes that affiliate negotiating needs to become automated, similarly programmatic to media buying in other channels. Once this happens, the need for entry level affiliate coordinator jobs will decrease, ROAS will increase, transparency will improve and key affiliate players (networks, brands, affiliates) will finally have to collaborate seamlessly.

Your Efficient, Global Affiliate Agency Partner

With economic trends pointing towards continued e-commerce growth in the second half of 2017, PartnerCentric helps you reach faster ROI and grow your business in all geographic territories. After analyzing regions that would bring the most growth to our customers, we’ve expanded US customers to specific countries in Europe, and EU customers to the US/AUS.

Our team fully comprehends how performance marketing differs in the US and EU and has a deep understanding of the domestic and international networks, payouts and the customer journey attribution models. We have a team of experts who are proficient in navigating US Nexus laws (which determine whether an out-of-state business selling products into a state is liable for collecting sales or use tax on sales into the state) as well as strategic program growth.  

PartnerCentric has some of the most tenured account managers in the industry with an average of 10 years of experience. Additionally, we are network-agnostic and work across many networks to get you the highest ROI. This ensures successful collaboration with key players in the space, full transparency, and efficient workflows. Last, but not least, our proprietary technology solves margin related challenges, and automates otherwise time-consuming workflows, ensuring your investment is fully maximized.

Ready to see how PartnerCentric can help you expand your business and increase ROI “across the pond?” Reach out to sales@partnercentric.com or visit our site, partnercestage.wpengine.com.

Curious to learn more about my trip to affiliate huddle? Email Carina.Powers@partnercentric.com.