March 9, 2018

Why Operating As A Fully-remote Agency Benefits Our Clients and Our Team

Alisa Crowley

Picture this: You get to work late on a Monday morning after a grueling one-hour commute due to traffic with a full to-do list that you have to start working through immediately. You grab your morning cup of coffee, successfully dodge millions of questions from Linda in accounting about your weekend (she can talk for a living) and finally sit down at your desk in your trendy open concept office and power up your computer. Just as you start to dive into your most pressing client requests, Sean, your event coordinator, runs over to your desk and requests that you join a meeting to discuss the logistics of next week’s company and partner happy hour because everyone is behind on it and they want your input. The pressing client emails are put on hold and you get distracted by a full day of fruitless meetings that have no set agenda. You finally get to client work in the late afternoon and have to stay late into the evening to finish everything. That dentist appointment gets rescheduled yet again and the kids are in bed when you finally get home.

Now picture this: You have the exact same scenario but instead of starting your Monday with traffic and endless in-office distractions, you wake up, check your email in your home office to take care of any time sensitive tasks for clients, take the kids to school and settle in with your perfect cup of coffee to start the day right on time. You sign in to Slack so you can communicate clearly with everyone and work together collaboratively to solve problems. And yes, Slack is also used to discuss the latest business books the team is reading, to share industry trends, crowdsource the expertise and industry knowledge of all account managers to solve client issues and announce accomplishments, give kudos to team members who go the extra mile and share the latest baby and pet photos. Additionally, all meetings scheduled are intentional and have clear objectives set. You use screen share technology and video calls to check in with your clients and discuss the latest status, reports and updates for their program to make sure everyone is aligned. Because the whole team lives by the organization’s core values, they self-select to be part of an environment that cares about professional intimacy and making real connections. You know that your team will be there to support you and your clients when you have a doctor’s appointment or need to see a school play or just want to go on vacation with your family because it’s part of the company DNA.

Plain and simple, working remotely helps us focus clearly on the most important tasks, relationships and needs in life while ensuring that our clients and partners get the strategic support and innovative solutions they need and deserve. But how exactly does this happen? We break it down below:

We focus on what matters and that’s your success

You know those days where you just wish you could hole up in a private room at your office and just focus on getting stuff done without distractions or interruptions? That’s essentially every single day for us. We have the freedom to make our work spaces work for us and block out times to allow for work without distractions. We can stick to deadlines because we have the freedom to prioritize them.

We can work with anyone, anywhere because we already have a strong remote culture

Because we have perfected working closely as a team remotely, we already have the expertise to develop and grow new partnerships with publishers and clients all over the country. It’s innate for us to be intentional and purposeful in our effort to nurture what are essentially virtual relationships because this is what we do all day every day within the organization. Our core value of Professional Intimacy means that we are approachable, open, and honest with our clients and colleagues. We share knowledge and information with genuine rapport, honesty, and transparency, and communicate proactively and effectively. The goal is to always seek to truly understand so you feel truly understood.

We take extra precautions to keep sensitive information safe

When one of our prominent finance clients was still a prospect, they asked us about compliance and how our organization ensures that their sensitive information stays safe. We make sure that only the team members assigned to the account have access to sensitive information and our technology department is able to restrict the access that individuals have. Being as there is no physical access to data, the information stays siloed and ensures that only those individuals who need access to it, when they are approved to do so. Furthermore, we are able to institute strict multi-factor authentication and other security measures to ensure that even if a physical device is compromised, data is not.  There’s no “overhearing” sensitive conversations one of our staff is having with a competitor we work with, or eavesdropping on sensitive annual reviews being done in the next room. Our remote nature creates a deliberate environment for needing to purposely share information to share it, and so we are very purposeful about security and confidentiality.

We are all over and cover multiple time zones

When one of us is wrapping up our day at 6pm on the East Coast, we have plenty of team members who are just starting their afternoons on the West Coast. We cover all business hours and there is always someone available to assist when help is needed. We also have employees in Europe and Asia who manage, recruit and assist with clients and partnerships abroad.  If there’s a conference, a partnership meeting, or if there’s a desire to have your day-to-day close by, we cover coast to coast and country to country.

We build meaningful relationships beyond borders

Being a fully-distributed team allows us to forego the traditional limitations that other companies face. Without geographic limitations, our clients can be sure that they are working with talented individuals who were hired for their expertise, not their geographic proximity to a physical office location. Additionally, we are always striving to present innovative solutions that go beyond the traditional constraints of performance marketing. Meaningful relationships are those that are supportive and deep, not superficial and transactional. They are lasting instead of fleeting. They are the only relationships that truly count - those where each side wants to retain and reward the other. Inc. recently featured PartnerCentric as a case study for a remote company that does it right and it’s because we are so strongly committed to our core purpose and values.

Still have questions about working with a remote agency? Contact us any time. We’re always here to help.