June 24, 2022

Affiliate Marketing Roundup for Week of June 24

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Optimizing the Subscription Model

If you’ve noticed an uptick in the “subscription” trend, you’re not alone! Brands like BirchBox, FabFitFun, and IPSY (attempt to) cater to consumers on a monthly or quarterly basis, while other brands offer reduced prices for signing up for regular shipments of their products. According to this Retail Dive piece, as many as 75% of DTC brands may offer subscriptions by next year. Yet, this model isn’t without challenges—including customer acquisition cost, churn/cancellation, and funding and subscription fatigue.

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Affiliate: The Channel of Channels 

“Affiliate is the channel of channels, we can do everything.” That’s the message that came out of the PI LIVE event this past spring, of which our own CEO Stephanie Harris was a part! This PerformanceIN article captures some of the sentiments from various affiliate marketing experts—in particular why affiliate is the “power player” in the customer journey. Another good one? “Affiliate is the amplifier of all digital marketing.” Yes it is!

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Affiliate Gymnastics: Flipping the Funnel 

Traditionally, affiliate marketing has been seen as a bottom-of-the-funnel strategy—with a focus on coupons, discounts, cash-back offers, loyalty partnerships, etc. But, new strategies are positioning the affiliate channel for mid- and upper-funnel performance. It's what The Drum contributor Alison Rinaldi calls "flipping the funnel”—allowing affiliate to play a greater role in connecting (and engaging) with new audiences.

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Inflation Mitigation Strategies  

Inflation is on everyone’s mind lately, especially if you’re forced to deal with today’s atrocious gas prices. You can bet consumers are searching out the best prices, even if it means switching from their previously favorite brands. But, brands can protect their customer relationships and make sure their customers feel supported with a few key steps. Total Retail contributor Matt Ramerman offers some guidance. 

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Just for Fun: 80 Best Summer Recipes Worth Bringing to the Cookout

Gingham. Fireworks. Beaches. Cookouts. Your grandma Edna's pickled liver and cod recipe that you think everyone loves. Now, which epically gross image doesn't belong here? Let's step it up a notch this season and try out some recipes that will be a party starter, not killer. They won't say it but your party guests are BEGGING YOU. 

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