August 5, 2022

Affiliate Marketing Roundup for Week of August 5

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Let Them Eat (Funnel) Cake

“Traditionally, affiliates have been the afterthought on the media plan.” PerformanceIN contributor Simon Akers brings some real (harsh) truths about the affiliate channel. But, his insight provides a perspective that could have brands and publishers garnering the “last laugh” as they capture a greater share of voice, penetrate the market further, and record YoY affiliate success… if, that is, they embrace his proposed full-funnel approach.


Check, Check, Checkout

Abandoned cart! This is a thorn in retailers’ (and other entities’) sides, especially now as the checkout process has become more cumbersome. How many payment options does a company really need? The bad news is, 44% of consumers in a recent survey listed the customer/shopping experience as most important when shopping online, yet 22% said a top frustration was requiring too many clicks to make a purchase. How does this relate to affiliate marketing? Total Retail contributor Michelle Wood makes the connection.


Strategizing Against Zoom Fatigue 

Who else has “Zoom fatigue”? After two-plus years of a mostly-digital existence, many people are just tired of it. But, brands continue to push forward with digital events. This Forbes article tasks marketers to put to rest the “in-person vs. digital” debate and instead focus on elements like event data and the user experience. Valid points to consider before you attend your next trade show or other marketing event.


Get Real with BeReal

Some may say the social media space is getting too crowded, but might there be room for a relatively newcomer? BeReal is a social app that was launched in 2020 and has recently attracted more popularity. Marketing Brew describes it as, “Imagine Snapchat with no filters and the rawness of Twitter rolled into one. Now, add a two-minute time limit to the single post allowed per day.” While the platform “prohibits” advertising, some brands have gotten creative (e.g. Chipotle, Trident, PacSun). Read on to see how they’re doing it!


Just for Fun: The Best Summer Drinks {Mocktails or Cocktails} 

It's the beginning of August so naturally that means that Halloween candy and decor is already starting to infiltrate every store. Don't buy those pumpkin pillows just yet, however! Let's cheers to the dog days of summer and savor what is left of the season. Enjoy these cocktail and mocktail recipes that are, well, so summery you can taste it. 



“Understand who your customer is, what they care about — that’s the way to think about innovation.” —David Robertson, MIT Senior Lecturer