October 21, 2022

Affiliate Marketing Roundup for Week of October 21

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Why Should You Care About Influencer Marketing? 

By now, almost everyone has a grasp on what influencer marketing is, but this article poses a great question: “Why should I care?” Not unfounded in the least. As this Search Engine Journal post states, one study showed that influencer marketing is set to reach $16.4 billion in 2022 and 75% of brand marketers plan to include influencer marketing in this year’s strategy. It’s not just for B2C brands, either! Read on to get more of the foundational aspects of influencer marketing and why it might be a good fit for your marketing efforts. 


There’s No Stopping the Holiday Train 

Tell us you’re not the only one shocked that the holiday season is upon us! We can’t stop time, but we can be in control of how the next few weeks go. Total Retail contributor Yaron Shapira shares his five “actionable insights” ahead of the holiday boom, including why it’s important to add a buffer to your stocks and also why you should absolutely have a plan for fast-selling items. 


Trend-Worthy Campaigns

Have you heard of the term “newsjacking”? It refers to when brands take hold of something in the mainstream media and make it their own. While not always an effective strategy, your brand might take away some creative inspiration from these examples Hubspot gathered. Or, just get some enjoyment out of their marketing gumption! (Our personal favorite? The Wordle/LEGO combo!)


Digital Marketing Memory Lane 

Welcome to Flashback Friday! There’s so much value in looking at the past, and learning from it. Think With Google compiled 10 “timeless” articles that reflect just how far digital marketing has come. As contributor Stephanie Thomson states, “Despite all these and many other changes, some things remain relevant even a decade later.” Enjoy this trip down memory lane!


Just for Fun: Halloween 2022 Google trends: Here’s what people are searching for

Want to make sure you have the most unique Halloween costume and party this year? Check out what people are searching on Google to ensure that you don't do something as hideously commonplace as serving a brain hemorrhage cocktail (sidenote: umm, gross). How absolutely pedestrian! 



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