Tracie Gross

Tracie is a Senior Affiliate Program Manager at PartnerCentric, a position that reflects her tremendous contribution to the success of clients under her management, and her dedication to affiliate marketing.

Tracie has been a member of the PartnerCentric team for 11 years, and during that time has managed affiliate programs for such companies as South Moon Under, Handy, Pelican Water, Shoebacca, and VILLA.

She started her career as a customer service specialist at GSI Commerce (now Radial Corp), an outsourced e-commerce solution for major retailers. After two years, she discovered a passion for affiliate marketing and joined that unit within the company. There she managed the affiliate programs of,, and

Tracie often attends affiliate marketing trade shows to represent PartnerCentric and the merchants whose programs she managers. Tracie is a devoted sports fan who enjoys cheering on her favorite teams with her husband, Jon, twins James and Isla, and dog, Denali, from their home outside of Philadelphia.

Senior Affiliate Program Manager, Team Lead, Special Projects