Joe Gelay

Joe Gelay joined PartnerCentric as a Marketing Analyst in February 2019. His duties include assisting with data analysis, recruitment campaigns, client communication, and reporting to help the team strengthen affiliate programs for our clients.

Joe was born and raised in New Jersey before heading down south to attend the University of South Carolina. Prior to working with Partner Centric, Joe was an Account Coordinator for a sports marketing agency where he helped manage motorsport and retail marketing activations. From there, he traveled much farther south to PerĂº, where he worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the heart of the Andes mountains.

He is excited to now be working in the affiliate marketing industry for its foundation in data-driven decision making, and opportunity for exponential growth.

In his free time, Joe loves to travel, climb rocks, run trails, read books, and pet dogs.

Marketing Analyst