Diane Trovato

Diane Trovato joined the PartnerCentric sales team in February 2019. She has extensive experience in digital and product marketing, business development, and consulting across several industries including retail, technology, financial services, consumer goods, and food and beverage.

Diane spent a decade at Connection, a Fortune 1000 technology reseller, where she helped partners such as Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, and Microsoft significantly increase their sales, expand their product lines, and gain market share. In a previous consulting role, Diane lived and worked in Belfast, Northern Ireland where she helped over 40 Irish brands, including Kerrygold and Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream, launch in the US marketplace. She has a passion for helping businesses grow their revenue and expand their brand presence through strategic marketing initiatives and sees a great deal of opportunity for this in the performance marketing industry.

She lives in the historic town of Amherst, NH with her husband, Rich, and scrappy rescue mutt, Madison. Outside of work, Diane enjoys kayaking, reading, painting and as a former DJ, she loves music and going to live shows.

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