Rent Reporters

RentReporters is here to help the nearly 100 million renters improve their credit by reporting their on-time rent payment history to the credit bureaus. Rent is typically their largest expense and if not reported will result in an incomplete credit profile and an understated credit score.  RentReporters changes that in just 15 days, verifying and reporting up to two years of past payment history, which on average results in an immediate score increase of 40 points.  For the 45 million Americans who are unscorable, RentReporters’ reporting of rent resulted in a credit score 100% of the time and access to the world of mainstream and affordable credit products.
Program Details:
  • $15 commission with a $15 bonus if the customer stays with RentReporters for 6 months.
  • 45-day referral period
The Rent Reporters Affiliate Program is professionally managed by PartnerCentric.